Yummy & Organic

Kids can't resist 'em, and they're free of all the bad stuff! No antibiotics, or synthetic hormones. Just simple organic ingredients.

1/2 Serving of Veggies

Each box has 1/2 serving of veggies, making it a delicious snack with nutritional benefits for a balanced diet.

Organic Dairy

Our grass fed cows produce the highest quality organic milk which is healthy and safe for your little ones.

Natural Cane Sugar

Sneakz is sweetened with natural cane sugar and has fewer grams per ounce than flavored milks by Organic Valley and Horizon Milks.

Sneakz Flavors

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Tricks for a Healthier Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that can strike fear into the hearts of health conscious parents. Here are...

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Walmart to Carry Sneakz in 20 States

We're excited to announce our expansion into 300 Walmart stores across 20 states. Walmart stores ...

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